Friday, December 5, 2014

Learning From The Street

Photo courtesy Flickr user practical owl
I owe someone for this idea, but I don’t know whom and I don’t quite know for what. Pedestrian urban life reveals micro-environments. Certain local music venues, old movie palaces that retain their original vaudeville stages, tolerate the sleeping homeless. There’s justice and balance to the practice, somehow.

Last fall’s one-night stand in grizzly territory left me feeling like a tasty heat-sealed snack in our small nylon tent. Friday I noticed a huge, faded beach umbrella set in the corner of the entry of the Paramount Theater. There appeared to be a couple of people sleeping behind the thing, and it looked like a smart move. Privacy was good, the wind was blocked, and the umbrella was a ready pike to use in case an aggressor came at the sleepers.


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