Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Master Of The Shovel

Photo courtesy Flickr user WSDOT
The weather turned bitter cold over the week-end. I suggested to my housemate, Indiana Jones, that for old times’ sake he set up the tent in the front yard, spend the night, and then thaw frozen soil with a steam hose to dig a square hole for our new cedar tree. Archaeologists pay for grad school so they can live like that and do heavy labor for less money than working in a fast food joint.

We also needed a little fill dirt moved from here to there but had surplussed the wheelbarrow years ago, deciding that its Archalounger function (tilted on back struts and handles) did not justify the storage space it would require. A good ten minutes spent discussing the bucket supply yielded a professional tip: shovel dirt onto a tarp and simply drag it where it is wanted. Ice is an asset.


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