Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolve It Or Leave It Out

Aaron Copeland photo courtesy Flickr user The Hills Are Alive"
I studied commercial illustration with a fellow who knew his way around space and time: he could also pilot multi-engine jet planes and perform rope tricks.  One comment has stayed with me: looking at one of my clumsy layouts, he said, “Resolve it or leave it out.” In retrospect, the critique clearly encouraged my uncertain hand as it hovers over the Goodwill bag and recycling bins.

Christmas was wonderful and surprisingly sane. The household is tuned to the daily life of two persons. Guests put unusual demands on the kitchen and introduced a considerable number of new artifacts into the housekeeping mix. On Christmas morning, I realized that one of the main stressors of the holiday is the confusion introduced by unfamiliar and excess inventory. Simply discarding the excess right away cut a straight line through the maze.


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