Thursday, December 4, 2014

Small-space Wardrobe

Photo courtesy Flickr user MIKI Yoshihito
First Avenue’s Finn boutique has been a happy hunting ground. Over the last few years I’ve wheezed quietly and paid for a few garments that have proved to be excellent value. The stock in this store is cut with pure lines, sewn of first-rate fabric, and is several years ahead of the mass market retail that nibbles at its forms. The simplicity of the styling makes it versatile. One well-travelled clerk advises me about the practicality and global validity of the offerings. I seldom leave town, but shopping with travel in mind pays daily dividends of comfort and convenience.

Last week’s cold snap proved the worth of the woolies. The word “coat” is an archaic term for “dress”. When the wind rips through the neighborhood, I wear a comfortable, closely cut zip-front funnel neck long sleeved garment as a super-sweater. On the street, the same piece layers under a down stadium coat for reliable comfort. The clothes from this boutique are as field-worthy as anything from the Co-op and look good downtown. They save cubic feet in the storage area, and their cost per use and of acquisition is lower than things from a thrift store.


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