Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dandy's Den

Photo courtesy Flickr user Life As Art
A friend was talking about her faithful old Lab the other day, and we shared a few comments about dogs’ appreciation of their crates. I have little expertise in canine studies, but Maggie mentioned that Dandy also likes to hang out under her small dining table. Maggie could conserve heat, add a pleasant note of formality to her dining area, and exercise a little doggy interior design by setting a long cloth on the table, possibly one that touches the floor. A bedspread, cotton blanket, high thread count cotton drop cloth, or large tablecloth might do. Sketch in the arrangement with a paper drop cloth.

Dining-wise, the cloth acts as a lap robe. Use any cloth large enough to accommodate the width of the table and twice the drop, or length off the surface. An oversized square or rectangular cloth can be knotted at the corners or simply tucked under. Set a waterproof layer between the long cloth and a smaller top cloth that is easy to wash.

Dog-wise, secure the long cloth to the table top with double-sticky tape and/or non-skid matting. Raise an area of the hem to allow easy entry and exit to the Kustom Kave. A plastic shop clamp might work well to secure the fabric. I’d consider placing a small washable rug under the table to collect debris and keep the area fresh.

Speaking of dens, another friend who wrangles customer service out of a San Francisco start-up said there are several “sleeping boxes” set here and there in the warehouse that holds the operation. The boxes are expedient constructs of plywood that permit weary geeks to grab a nap in the midst of a bustling work day. Were I to design such a thing, I’d make it modular with a hiker’s super-luxury self-inflating sleeping pad, the kind that has a top layer of memory foam. The owner of this enterprise sleeps in a crude four-poster bed set in one corner of the space.


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