Monday, January 5, 2015

Hot Wash

Photo courtesy Flickr user elana's pantry
The term describes the discussion and analysis that follows an event and its related actions. Christmas taught me the following:

set a discreet Goodwill bag close to the exit and use it, fast

off-load sweet treats onto the nearest fifteen-year-old boy, right away

calendar planning safe and sane menus for mid-November

buy a stack of fine Italian nougat treats to use as hostess trade goods

stock sparkling fruit juices in lieu of champagne

half a pear loves a good chocolate sauce

the Original Import Chain stocks a riot of sweet treats and good colored tissue for gift wrap 

a small live Christmas tree decorated with cordless lights can be carried here and there like a beloved lap dog

the same live tree can be planted in the garden and later harvested to use on Christmas Future

exercise “preventive simplicity” in holiday planning to leave slack for unexpected stresses

it’s easier to stuff a parcel into a mailer than to spend half a day herding a vehicle around city streets.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading Deft!


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