Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Standing Desk

Willie Cole photo courtesy Flickr user rocor
At the moment, there’s buzz about the value of working standing up. Back in the day, I produced much of my freelance graphic material standing at a modest vintage sideboard that was just the right height to support a drawing board. The drawers and cupboards in the piece held supplies, and the style melted into domestic inventory.

It’s easy to improvise a standing work surface. Try the kitchen counter, remembering that grease is the enemy. Be fussy about dimensions, since getting the right fit will allow you to use your bones and muscles, not to mention brain, to best advantage. One or two inches below the elbow is the recommendation. Herky activities like kneading bread or ironing happen with the surface a little lower.

For me, the plastic bed risers sold in variety and hardware stores raise an ordinary table to just the right height. Legally acquired industrial grade dairy crates are useful and versatile. Some people set the legs of a folding office work table into lengths of plastic pipe. Brick and cinder block aren’t bad, either.

Stack an extra surface, like a generous drawing board, on top of an existing work top. Finesse the spacing with cans of tuna or whatever. Non-skid shelf liner is the key to the mint.


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