Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Tales

Photo courtesy Flickr user bilbord99
This is the time of year the local tribes reserve for telling coyote stories. My understanding is that Coyote is the only deity to be held in contempt by the people who recognize it/him. The body of recorded literature is rich. As I recall, Ella Clark’s “Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest”, my all-time babysitting bedtime hit, has a few coyote episodes in it. Jaime de Angulo is a good read, too.

Italo Calvino’s Italian version of Grimm’s fairy tales sheds charming light on European tradition. Perhaps in Calvino’s forward, I read that the brothers Grimm collected most of their stories from just one elderly woman. Calvino’s version of a familiar tale can be counted on to be lighter and more insightful than the German model. 


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