Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paring Ounces Off The Handicap

Photo courtesy Flickr user sparrowood1
Travel outfitters sell nickel-sized plastic pots with flexible silicone lids. Blending several face creams into a single one-handed fast-opening pot has shaved nearly a minute off getting dressed. I don’t begrudge the time nearly as much as I do the attention it takes to cope with detail.

Tiny ziplock pill pouches hold a smear each of the cosmetics I use during the day. Every gram and cc counts.

Network reporter Rita Braver said that she was waiting at a DC stoplight with her outsize tote bag, and a homeless woman kindly offered her a tip on where to stay the night. Ultra-light hiking coach Mike Clellan is an indie-housekeeping guru of the first water. He recommends weighing inventory. I spent an hour fiddling with a four-ounce postal scale and subtracted nearly a pound from my side bag.


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