Monday, February 2, 2015

Unfinished Business

Photo courtesy Flickr user TANAKA Juuyoh
A long-established north end furniture dealer maintains that friends don’t let friends buy chipboard. It’s tempting to agree and irresistible to admire the wit of the stolen line.

Some designers refer to chipboard/laminate design as tissue box furniture. I dislike the apparent waste inherent in fragile case goods that don’t recycle. Once the problem begins to perturb the local solid waste authority, practice undoubtedly will change.

Much tissue box design is lifted straight from traditional Japanese small space carpentry. In its way, it’s a minor miracle of sensible production and is enough generations into its evolution to have resolved the various dumb-nesses characteristic of any prototype.

For my purposes, black nylon packcloth shoe bags, zippered storage cubes, and garment envelopes have replaced most of the case goods that once cluttered the interior of the house. I use foot lockers and traditional wooden chests as multi-purpose storage units that also seat guests or act as coffee tables. Secure the heavy lids-they’re a child hazard and a menace to older wrists as well.


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