Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Landscape Theory Of Completion

A couple of years into my stewardship of this property, a neighbor said I’d been wise to start with the landscaping, so that when the interior was finished, I’d have a completed facility. There was no wisdom involved-working in the garden was my favorite escape.

I guess the thinking goes: visualize the completed enterprise and start with whatever takes longest to accomplish. To that I would add clean up as you work. My beloved grandmother taught me to manage the kitchen that way, and it’s calming. Television cooks now set a large bowl to one side of whatever surface they’re using to prep vegetables and fruit. The practice greatly expands available work space and is probably one of the unexpected consequences of composting.

On a good day, I glide through tasks, setting up one that’s in the pipeline whenever space becomes available. Doing so displaces any sense of labor in the process of getting necessary life and clerical support out of the way.

When afternoon brain death approaches, I sit down to drink a cup of coffee at Dr. Johnson’s recommended four PM, then put the day’s sticky notes in rational order to program the morrow’s production. 


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