Thursday, August 13, 2015

Afterthoughts Accumulate

I waited for a bus in the downtown tunnel on a day when my eyes happened to be working better than usual. I noticed that the original closely designed system of signage has been compromised by a series of necessary, unanticipated graphic messages that amount to a civic version of a refrigerator door. It’s not chaotic yet, quite, and I am confident the city will pull it together in due time.

The process parallels Peg Bracken’s hilarious description of dressing a child for the day, preparing little Pee Wee to meet the world in a charming shirt and short pants that are grubbied one by one until he ends up wearing what Miss Manners says all children wear: rags. The same thing happens in a house.

The other morning I had motive and opportunity to sit and gaze at the gear on display in the kitchen. Subtracting redundant utensils cleared my field of vision and  freed me to concentrate on turning out a meal and thrashing paperwork.


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