Monday, August 10, 2015

Cleaning The Frig'

The other night we dined on the contents of numerous small glass storage dishes. The foundation of the process is the USDA’s website that lists the number of days a food can safely be stored before eating. Produced by an old-line American manufacturer of kitchen glassware, the shallow, rectangular dishes cool food quickly and keep it airtight with snap-on plastic lids. They can go straight from refrigerator to warming oven.

Recently I shortened the cycle of procuring, preparing, and storing food. The leftovers I found were tastier and more nourishing than the usual wan remainders. Discovering a hunk of first quality unsliced bacon from the Market’s German deli didn’t hurt one bit.

We enjoyed a minor smorgasbord of hardtack, cheeses, hardboiled eggs, salad greens, and miscellaneous cooked things that rounded out a day’s good urban take-out of spectacular burritos (the cook may have been showing off for a nearby film crew) and pastries from a destination bakery that is dangerously close to the house. Saying grace over a meal is sometimes just an exercise. The little meal in question pretty much said its own grace.


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