Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A New Kind Of Potluck

A minor project like hanging a picture can generate an hour's trip to spend four dollars on twenty small parts to get the one that is needed. A group of friends could save time and money by gathering to share the contents of single packages of hardware staples like screw eyes, zip ties, and finishing nails.

A lidded metal box that held skate bearings is a convenient format to store the few long aluminum push pins, roofing nails, florist pins, paper clips, fasteners, and safety pins that I am likely to need in the ordinary course of puttering around the house.

Round out the collection with gaffer's tape, narrow mounting and double-sticky tapes, bookbinder's linen tape, navy blue and cream thread, a small glue gun and hottest melt glue. You'll be set for a lifetime of Saturday morning projects worth hundreds of dollars each.


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