Thursday, October 29, 2015


I know this slow-cooked rice slurry from a Chinese cookbook, but have been experimenting using Western seasonings. Doing so simplifies the pantry and speeds preparation.

The weather turned autumnal. I decided it would be good for morale to have a hot pot of something ready in the late afternoon. Slow-cooked anything is a cinch to prepare and recreates nineteenth century back of the stove coasting, when the main meal was at noon. 

I checked proportions-a quart of liquid to a cup of rice-and opted for a box of chicken stock and long grain brown. I opened a can of chicken breast pieces and converted a double handful of chanterelles from its intended destination over a steak, gave them a quick wash and slice, and that, as I recall, was it.

I set the electronic pressure cooker on ten minutes of high and forgot about it for the afternoon. The combination of ingredients was synergistic, producing a gently savory first course that took the curse off the arsenic hour. 


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