Thursday, October 8, 2015

Meditation On A Flashlight

A recent camping trip brought out what I hope are all the glitches in my supply of off-grid lighting. Fortunately I had read the design commentary written by an MIT faculty guy, the cover of which commentary features a coffee pot with the handle and the spout on the same side. The gist of the book is it's not you, it's the equipment. I certainly hope so.

A headlamp is a wonderful thing, and there were two in the party. The switches were so sophisticated, and we use headlamps so seldom, that neither of us could fire up a device. Ancient batteries were no doubt a factor. My snazzy keychain micro-light faded. Fortunately a runner's night light was in working order.

The next day I spent a goodly chunk of change to get various devices operating, ground my teeth in frustration, and eventually just dumped around $150 worth of gadgets and failed fixes.

I'm shooting for a simple one-cell light fueled by a solar rechargeable battery. If I want to wear the thing, I'll tape it to something or other, and all the lights in inventory will be the same.

Post script: the gaffer's tape wrapped around the handle of the light makes it easy to hold between my teeth -30-

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