Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Have People Coming In From Berlin...

With that opening remark, a customer in the fish shop on the Ave began a classic dialogue with the guy in the day-stained apron behind the counter. Any local host knows the rest of the discussion, that was aimed at preparing a drop-dead trophy for the barbecue. Personally, I would use alder for the fire rather than imported briquettes. Local supermarkets sell bundles of alder firewood. That smoke will give you the authentic scent of tribal salmon.

Add wild blackberry pie, tossed salad, and good bread, and you will have as good a meal as any sane menu planner would care to produce. Simplify further by presenting cracked crab or a heap of local shrimp. Failing wild berries in your freezer, set out wild blackberry jam, that is not too hard to find in the store. Homemade baking powder biscuits approach traditional fry bread. Fill in with potato salad if necessary.

My friendly local archaeologist agreed that this traditional food presentation echoes indigenous entertaining. It certainly continues the tradition I learned as a child, to sit at the table cheerfully toasting tribal cuisine.

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