Thursday, April 7, 2016

Penny Foolish

I've been experimenting with caprice as an aid to efficiency. Simply blowing through petty procedures that devour time is cost effective and easier than hiring help.

Given the supply systems that serve the neighborhood, a teaspoon of olive oil is worth less than the minutes or days it would take to use it up and bring out a replacement. I buy convenient small sizes of staples, finally having realized that hefting a giant jug of something or other while I try to refill a half-pint bottle a.traumatizes my fine motor skills, b.usually results in wasteful spillage, and c.takes too dog-gone long. The smaller containers recycle. I will let society work out the details.

The thrift donation bag by the front exit is the most efficient housekeeping aid under the roof. Anything in the inventory that is not performing at 100% goes, no quibbling. 


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