Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Old Sink

The powder room is furnished with the original 1915 sink. Decades of diligent maintenance with abrasive cleaners left the fixture's tender porcelain as matte and porous as blotting paper.

The sink is still serviceable, but routine hand washing leaves it less than inspiring to contemplate. A fast morning's pass with ordinary non-abrasive cleaning agents doesn't do much to make it presentable. In the past, I've set aside time every month or so to fill the sink with very hot water and strong detergent to lift the grime out of its pores, but doing so is a bother.

Lately I've been pouring excess boiling water over the fittings and body of the sink. A few days of routine scalding have worked miracles. If there were small children running around the house or much foot traffic in the adjacent kitchen, I would not risk carrying a hot kettle into the next room. As it is, though, the sink is not only pristine and sanitized, the drains are fresh as well.

Before the winter holidays, I'll pull out chrome polish and detail the faucets. 


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