Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dress For The Field

I turned out my emergency evacuation kit for seasonal review. Several of the garments that did best service over the winter are ideal back-up for nights in the field. I know how durable they are and will not hesitate to call on them when conditions demand them.

The mid-range Finnish line of coats with a name that sounds Irish can be had at the ethnic boutique close to the Market. The preppie state of Maine mail order operation offers affordable featherweight low-profile rain gear with integral hoods. A high-end British outer wear specialist, the one favored by the American motocross community, sells a technically excellent, well-styled thigh-length jacket with excellent thermal and rain-resisting qualities. 

I am partial to clothing that is as suitable to an overnight in the woods as it is to wandering the halls of a downtown high-rise. I squeak when I pay the price, but it's preferable to the price I'd pay sleeping in the mud.     -30-

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