Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Good Form Is Very Simple

Back in the day, the design community esteemed the egg as an example of good form. It's simple, elegant, and far from straightforward. Other classic examples of good form are the 'umble paper clip, the safety pin, and my personal favorite of small examples, the needle-pointed extra-long aluminum push pin.

I like to lay out a garden or an interior with well-functioning basics that are arranged to be easy to maintain. The complexities of daily use and special requirements merely embellish the primary layer that enables life support.

Pomme's now-obsolete white plastic laptop was breathtaking in its simple elegance, as are many traditional staples like a good sock, cast-iron frying pans, and most of the fonts available on my current laptop. 

Designer Bruno Munari encourages rational excellence in "Design As Art". 

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