Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kitchen Curtains

Living in an 1890 kitchen has given me the chance to experiment with the oh-so-economical decorating solutions of  1890. When the kitchen was a hard-working low-tech production space, it was common practice to place a gathered curtain across the open space under the sink. 

Several years ago, I decided it was time to veil the devices that live in that handy parking spot: recycling bin, shredder, washing machine, and laundry spinner. I hate to sew and had little time to spare for the project, anyway. Waffle-weave kitchen towels from the Christmas Miracle Department Store had served so well as casual pillow cases that I bought a row in another color for under the sink. Four screw eyes and two lengths of shock cord made up parallel lines for support. I hot-glued top sleeves into the towels, threaded the shock cord, hooked it into place, and presto!

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