Friday, May 6, 2016


Not long ago, I made my way home on a gloriously warm early day just as a school bus let a couple of students off on a corner that sports a sheltered and sociable cafe table. The moms and kids walked along a leafy sidewalk as a crow made its special affectionate clucking sound.

For a week or so, I had been hearing what I thought was a tradesman's impact drill around ten each morning. I heard it again as I was leaving the house earlier and realized the sound was an urban flicker hammering the roof flashing on one of the new apartment buildings on the block.

The same afternoon, I noticed a tinny old compact car painted in the colors of local football with major variants of the logo on the fenders and doors. I peered through the windows to try to make out who would drive such a thing and was able to see dreadlocks and white lettering on a Seahawks shirt that said TEAM.


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