Monday, May 16, 2016

Pest Control

Food, clothing, and shelter are the survival basics. A few years ago, the chief housekeeper for Seattle's public housing told me that shelter should be decent, safe, and sanitary.

Store all food in containers that rodents can't gnaw through and, incidentally, that insects can't breach. This is housekeeping task number one. Setting up correctly protects the food supply and prevents housekeeping hassles.

Fill storage containers over the sink. Discard over-aged staples while you're at it. Anything with a slightly rancid odor will take more from your body than it gives. Store bulky prepared mixes in a clean galvanized can with a lid.

Store food in a dark place to protect vitamins that are damaged by light.

Wash dishes promptly after a meal. Empty trash and recycling into vermin-proof containers. Wipe the cooking area with rubbing alcohol to de-grease and sanitize. Wash the trash containers and line them with plastic bags.

Serve food at the table and only at the table. Old-school table service and etiquette keep vermin at bay.


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