Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Pocket

Leafing through Rose Wilder Lane's Woman's Day Book of American Needlework, I found an image of a pocket. It was surprising to learn first, that a pocket was a separate item of clothing, and second, that it was an ornament. The pocket pictured in the book was meant to be attached to a belt.

As a full-time voluntary pedestrian, I love high-tech travel clothing with secure zippered pockets, especially slim cargo pockets. However, a few favored garments have no pockets. I value their sleek profiles but keep reaching into ghost pockets for tissue and keys.

A small leather pouch with a long shoulder strap makes as good a pocket as any and does not compromise the careful simplicity of a pocketless garment. If style is no consideration, an old school fanny pack or new school runner's belt pouch will do.    -30-

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