Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Little Giant

A small spray bottle of white vinegar has surprised me with its usefulness. I set it up to sanitize salad greens along with a first spray of hydrogen peroxide. The mid-sized spray bottle sold at the local drug chain has a mechanism that handily fits the smallest bottle of vinegar sold at the grocery chain.

The vinegar lives on the window sill over the sink. I spray raw greens with it, spray the sink now and then to dissolve soap residue, spray salad to dress it, and in a sodium-conserving move, spray french fries and crusty fish.

There's a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol on the sill as well. I sanitize the sink area with it, degrease the glass top of the induction hot plate, and clean a mirror now and then. If I shifted to vodka, I could apply yet another liquid as needed.    -30-

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