Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Coastie

On a mercifully short flight home, I chose a window seat. The plane was full, and a fellow with an impressive set of shoulders took the middle seat and a good bit of mine, as well. We jostled gently for a while, each of us trying to maintain a straight spine. 

Finally, worried that his posture was affecting his brain oxygen, I suggested we take turns sitting comfortably. The remark broke the ice, and I learned that my seat mate was a Coast Guard emergency response leader on his way to Seattle for the largest E drill in the country. 

From him I learned to have a low-tech back-up for vital systems. (See outdoorsman's field manuals.) Print out all documents.

Have a unique audio signal to gain the attention of an unruly crowd. (My mother used a cow bell. Her father had a particular whistle.) Train your group to respond instantly.

When things have gone badly wrong, brainstorm solutions. -30-

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