Friday, June 24, 2016

The Gamer's Digs

A game designer invited me on a virtual tour of a new three-d headset. The experience was a calligraphic ride on a rocket ship, and so was my friend's apartment: there was almost nothing in it. 

To provide safe space for moving around in virtual architecture, the generous living room was nearly empty. The floor was bare, the kitchen lived in a corner. A computer table with monitors and the requisite failed dot com Herman Miller throne and a couple of Barcelonas made up the rest of the movables. 

Eric had mounted the VR accessories on "third hand" posts in the corners of the room, observing that freestanding posts were too easy to knock over. In doing so, he had inadvertently reinvented a mid-century classic. Eric grumbled that the kitchen was cluttered. I could not resist pointing out that a fifth of the counter space was taken up by an artfully composed group of condiments and very good drink.

We made noises about space management, no big deal in such a lightly furnished apartment. I encouraged Eric to store everything not in immediate use in his spare room. He muttered about piling things in the corner, as good a technique as any in a clean, warm, dry interior.

I made my way home happy and ready to edit. -30-

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