Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Take On Security

The World of Interiors' recent issue features an article on an outbuilding on an English estate. A generous second-story space is used to store family treasures while the big house is rented to a research outfit. The room is also used to entertain. One long wall is covered with bookcases, and many of the bindings betray age and, presumably, some value.

The space is drab, as befits its history, and the book wall is lighted with a string of utilitarian shop lights simply clamped onto the top of each case. Hanging across the wall of shelves is a holiday display net of pinpoint white lights. The lights illuminate evening events, and they have a hidden virtues: the netting is too small to allow casual pilferage. Jostling it sends an unmistakable signal -30-

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