Friday, July 8, 2016

Choose A Tree The Way You'd Choose A Dog

The one dog I shared my life with chose me, but the years since her passing have brought awareness of the suitability of given breeds to given situations. A tree is nearly as good a friend as a pooch. Do right by planting it in the right spot. Avoid giant sequoias in the city, although the one downtown is doing well between high-rises.

I grow my own Christmas trees, so conifers on my property may look as if they're planted too close to the house. Ten years on, though, they're posed in the family room covered with lights.

Cascara has proved to be an elegant small tree that defines a secluded area on the back of the lot. A volunteer maple close to the boundary line has a short future. I'll let it grow as long as it provides privacy and perhaps habitat for birds. It may end up as a wildlife tree, one that is pruned to kill it to support species that live in dead wood.

If I were to go tree shopping, I'd ask Plant Amnesty to recommend a landscape designer, do a little reading about native species, and dig the hole before I bought the plant. 

Careful landscape choices eliminate costly maintenance. -30-

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