Friday, July 29, 2016

Procrustean Storage

Considerations of storage tend to assume that more is necessary. That may be true for some situations, but I find that fitting inventory to closet is more gratifying than fiddling endlessly with patented storage devices.

In 2016, I can buy or order nearly anything I want or need in minutes. The business rule of 80/20 reminds me that 20% of the stuff does 80% of the work. Limiting inventory allows me to remember what is in stock.

I find that leaving a fifth of cupboard or closet space empty allows the volume to expand and contract as demand materializes. It is elegant to be able to see the entire contents of a space and to be able simply to reach for and grasp an item rather than having to wrestle it free of its context.

Spaces stay cleaner and are easier to maintain when they are not jammed. -30-

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