Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Envy Of The World

The house dates from the period when national plumbing technology was the state of the art. In the first floor powder room, formerly a low-tech cold closet, sits an American Standard toilet that originally had a tank mounted close to the ceiling. 

There's a current low-flush toilet on the second floor. The twenties model downstairs is more efficient.

Sleek it is not, but it is a miracle of hydrology and straightforward design. I have fiddled with adding clean rocks to the tank to reduce water consumption. A recent visit from a plumber, the first in my thirty-six years with this fixture, left the mechanism adjusted for minimum consumption on a major flush. I finessed the system further by replacing the heavy tank lid with a simple flap of corrugated poly sign board edged with duct tape. 

For a minor flush, I can tip up the lid and release a cup of water from the tank by lifting the rod attached to the stopper.  -30-

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