Wednesday, August 3, 2016


In the nineteenth century, mass public education made Everyman a scribe. In the late twentieth,  desktop computing made Everyperson a typographer. It's interesting to noodle around a font selection. In their way, fonts compete like popular songs. Search designer for a given font to gain insight into its back story.

I claim little expertise but enjoy looking at the work of Charles Bigelow and Chris Holmes, whose Lucida family of fonts appears to cover all typographic bases. I am unlikely to need the sophisticated capabilities of Lucida, but I value the preparedness and the designers' experience in calligraphy and hand printing, the ancestors of digital production. Bigelow's Seventies "Scientific American" article about the mathematics of digital type design was the first work in the field.

A brief foray into the history of contemporary font design brought up the wit and sass of the community of letters. -30-

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