Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Down The Road

As a beginning gardener, I discovered the Portland, Oregon, specialty nursery that provides naturally dwarfed cultivars to the bonsai community. Having seen a three hundred year old pine at Weyerhaeuser's Federal Way garden, a foot per century, I understood that the future of a plant need not tower.

It seemed like a sensible bet to invest in dwarfed variants of ordinary garden evergreens. A Morris Midget boxwood border grew for thirty-five years without ever having to be pruned, fed, or watered. Local development made the hedge obsolete, but the sample plant I bought in 1978 and moved in 1980 is only thirty inches tall.

A bird's nest spruce is one foot tall after thirty-six years. I will surely offer it to the bonsai community if it ever needs a home. -30-

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