Monday, September 12, 2016

Taming The Scarf

I prefer scarves to jewelry and was recently given a lovely silk. The quality of the fabric and printing were such that visually, the piece was more gem than textile. The colors and texture weren't loud; they simply were superb beyond my requirements.

Some years ago, an unfortunate attempt at home laundry in lieu of dry cleaning taught me that dunking in tap water is a good way to age silk quickly. This time I set up a clean dishpan of hot water, let it sit all day to disappate chlorine, and with a prayer briefly swished the new silk until I felt the fibers relax slightly.

I rolled it immediately in a bath towel, pressed the water out by stepping lightly on it and ironed it dry from the back. The result was just what I'd hoped for: slightly milder color and a gently relaxed texture.  -30-

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