Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Pallet

A chance remark overheard at the Great Big Hiking Co-op revolutionized padded furniture in my house. It took years to implement the wisdom a customer shared with a staff member: each of them preferred to sleep on a self-inflating air mattress on the floor.

As such mattresses grew ever more luxurious, I became ever more willing to consider trying one under the roof. The four inch thick model topped with an inch of memory foam proved irresistable, despite its price tag.

I have enjoyed the full range of sleeping options: custom horsehair mattress, water beds heated and otherwise, a feather bed, futon, innerspring extravaganza, the bubble wrap beloved of Sixties hikers, and a pile of crisp, fragrant autumn leaves. My back tells me the self-inflater is as good as any, economical of expensive cubic inches of space, and easy to stow away for the day.

Covered with a memory foam pad, a set of self-inflaters make a comfortable, featherweight mattress for a conventional bed. Replace the box spring with units of gridded coated steel commercial display panels. I replaced the cushions on a sofa with a self-inflater, and another tapered model designed for the field is used as a pad on a garden bench. 

Sleep elegantly on a Western floor by exchanging street for house shoes at the entry and setting a ground cloth equivalent in place before making up the bed -30-

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