Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sea Grass

Now and then I look at the floor covering, notice a worn spot, and enjoy the prospect of eventually composting the rug in the back yard. I use sea grass matting, the kind that is braided and woven into squares. Presumably, choosing sea grass protects wetlands.

Sea grass is period for American interiors back to the Federal era, although I first encountered it in  SF in the Fifties. The matting wears well, stands up to family traffic, and can easily be reconfigured to fit any space. It forms a pleasantly neutral background that flatters furniture, the squares make it easy to arrange a space, and small rugs look good placed on top of it.

Grit will drift through the matting and accumulate on the floor beneath it. It is wise to cover the floor with contractor's protective rosin paper before laying the matting. A friend who grew up with sea grass said it was hard on her baby knees. Those are the drawbacks of which I am aware.

That said, I love sea grass, especially in town, where natural textures are in short supply. Sea grass is an organized version of the rushes that used to cover medieval floors -30-

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