Thursday, October 13, 2016

Value Added

When the chill of autumn truly arrives, I routinely fiddle with the interior. Stagnant inventory interferes with air circulation and compromises energy efficiency, particularly the precious energies of home management. It is always a pleasant surprise to discover that an existing artifact can earn its keep in new ways. 

Over the week-end I adapted emergency evacuation kits to the change in weather, exchanged emergency foods for fresh stock, arranged lighting in response to the dark days to come, and fluffed bedding. Decades of this annual tune-up have produced an essentialist inventory that is as simple to manage as any can be. In spring, I reverse the process.

A generation ago, I realized how depressing it was to own things that were deteriorating on my watch. I shared excess with family and friends, sold a few things, and donated many others. What remains is healthy tissue. Some of it might be wearing out, but it is wearing gracefully. The rest is vintage and getting vintager.

A particular elegance accompanies an interior that is necessary and sufficient -30-

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