Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Easy Feast

I grilled carrots and onions separately in a basket in a very hot convection oven, spraying them with baking spray and grinding generous amounts of black pepper over them. I shook the basket frequently to ensure even browning.

A home-grown Yukon potato volunteer treated the same way turned out to be the tastiest fry I ever ate. There was little left over from my feeding frenzy.

The grilled roots were planned to keep on hand to use for improvising meals. They proved to be good back-up for a couple of pork chops that were lightly breaded and pan-broiled in an excess of canola oil. When I pulled the chops out of the frying pan, I tossed in the leftover roots to heat them up. The pan juices and extra heat added a layer of complex flavor and caramelization to the roasted roots that made a delicious main dish with next to no effort  -30-

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