Thursday, December 22, 2016


An acquaintance mentioned the pleasure of detailing her partner's inherited commercial drafting table, the kind that weighs hundreds of pounds, is five or six feet wide, and is supported by a chest of many drawers. Her description of the process reminded me of the best value in used goods: something that needs merely to be washed. To that, the in-house geek would add something that needs to be washed that has a blown fuse. Between us we have paid pennies for thousands of dollars in gently used merchandise.

Supply yourself with bookbinder's archival leather dressing, biker's chrome polish from Germany, pointed grooming swabs, palm-sized wipers cut from old t-shirts, the Yin-Yang grocery chain's window washing spray, and neutral pH detergent from a janitorial supply. Add neutral-colored "Bright Wax", Magical Sliding castors for feet, and markers and shoe polish to touch up dings. The North End's academic bookstore is a good place to start shopping -30-

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