Friday, December 9, 2016

Hominy Salad

Find a can of hominy that's sized to your liking. The small ones are hard to find, but an oversized unfamiliar brand from Eastern Washington turned out to be delectable.

Drain and rinse the hominy. Heat a skillet and melt a little too much unsalted buter. When it's bubbling, add the hominy and fry until the kernels are half their size and starting to pop in the pan. Grind black pepper over the pan, turn a bit, and pull off the heat when things start to brown. 

At this point, I spoon the hominy into the small, shallow glass baking dishes that are my all-purpose refrigerator storage units.

Sanitize leaves from the best head of butter lettuce you can lay your hands on. Rinse and dry carefully and dress with olive oil and a generous squeezing of fresh lemon. Use the fried hominy in lieu of croutons. I'd just set it on top of the torn lettuce in a big noodle bowl.

The butter coating on the hominy interacts with the lemon juice to produce, frankly, a gobbling good dish of fresh greens -30-

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