Friday, December 2, 2016

The Wiper

I can't keep house without a generous supply of wipers. My current favorite is the terry washcloth with a hanging loop that is sold at the Great Big Northern European Home Furnishings Chain.

A veteran housekeeper and mother of four clued me to the value of a flimsy washcloth. It's especially good for cleaning babies, she said, and I agree. The same canny dame used tip towels as napkins.

For years I have experimented with various bar and shop towels and napkins trying to find one all-purpose wiper that can gradually migrate from table to bath to cleaning cupboard to paint locker. The risk of cross-contamination is too great, it seems, and so I simply demote a wiper to painting duty as stains accumulate.

Housecleaning guru Don Aslett points out the value of using a hemmed wiper rather than a rag for doing the best work. A well-stocked cleaning cupboard (or locked tool kit) is a cost of labor  -30-

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