Friday, January 22, 2016

Remote Etiquette

Whoever changes the channel without consulting other viewers has to pass the remote to someone else.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016


The end of year cruise through the house turned up minor redundancies. Two cents worth of something at the bottom of a jar is not worth holding for two months. One or two towels or napkins that don't match anything else become wipers. 

It's the odds and ends that make housekeeping impossible, especially over the holidays. The pressure of turning out three company meals back to back-Christmas Eve, breakfast, and dinner, makes it easy to toss something that's just getting in the way.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Store Nothing On The Floor

Housekeeping guru Don Aslett says so. Thirty years' experience with his advice has not proved it wrong.

It's discouraging to have to work before I can do the work I'm trying to get done. Keeping inventory off the floor lets me vacuum fast, so mites, allergens, moths, and fleas are easy to control. Elevating inventory means evaluating what to keep, so store-keeping becomes simpler. 

When cleaning is efficient, personal energy is available to plan meals. Convenience food of any kind is a budget hemorrhage and leads to expensive and self-defeating health problems.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuning For Speed

Minor upgrades in inventory are a one-time labor cost. 

The small, shallow rectangular glass storage dishes that rule my refrigerator and buffet are now available with a leakproof lid. If I can't buy the new lid separately, it will be cost-effective to replace the whole works so I don't have to swab olive brine off the floor every time I tilt one of the things to see what's in it.

The Big Flower Finnish Design Company has first-rate textile engineering. At three or four times the full retail price of run of the mill knits, their clothing is cheaper per wearing, easier to maintain, more versatile, faster to change, and simpler to store. Just line dry it.

I converted to slip-on shoes when homeland security began to screen airport gates. 'Have yet to find a reason to lace, except for hiking boots.

Co-ordinate wardrobe to the capacity of the washing machine.

Edit, edit, edit.

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