Thursday, February 11, 2016


A lifetime of experiments yielded the furniture equivalent of Einstein's greatest hit. 

Testing the medieval practice of sleeping on a storage chest, I lined up four standard surplus foot lockers and topped them with an accidentally modular luxury self-inflating air mattress, the extra long and wide version that is topped with a thin layer of memory foam. The mattress weighs only a pound or so, rolls into a compact cylinder, and is from The Great Big Hiking Co-op. The lockers were acquired here and there over decades.

A double-sized blanket from The Oregon Rodeo mill is exactly as wide as the drop on the storage chests plus mattress. It took seconds to assemble the combination.

I could finesse the arrangement with a layer of non-skid matting between the mattress and trunk tops. There are Magical Sliding Feet under the trunks for a moderate degree of mobility.

It would be trivial to double the set-up and top it with a pre-fab memory foam pad. It's easy to improvise a head board by placing a panel of plywood between trunk and wall and hanging another blanket over the wood. 

The lockers are working storage and would be quite enough for any sane person's complete inventory of impedimenta.

There is no discernible difference between this arrangement and what the local tribes worked out in their communal living quarters.


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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Wisdom Of A Professional Driver

I chanced to ride home on a trolley with a new hire behind the wheel. Her trainer coached her through a cross-walk hesitation. A fellow had stepped into the far lane, and she had braked. Confusion ensued as the pedestrian backed off. 

The veteran said just to proceed deliberately (his wording was more poetic than this). Doing so is a way to make one's way through the chaos that dominates. He added that the guy in the crosswalk was drunk.

Futurist Buckminster Fuller said something similar in one of his books, perhaps "Intuition".


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