Thursday, June 9, 2016

What's Working Now

A recent bout with a rhinovirus proved the value of certain storage devices. I work out of my house. On an especially torpid day, industrial quality dairy crates, archival quality zip-closing plastic bags, and zippered nylon pack cloth storage cubes let me make the most of what little energy I had. I could work in five minute bursts of activity followed by half hour naps.    -30-
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

E Prep And The Daily Grind

With luck, the grind is minimal. Emergency preparedness is inescapable. The Navy Seals say, "You never need it until you really, really need it."

Make the Mountaineer's ten essentials the core of your home furnishings, and you will never have to worry about bailing in the face of the big one. The emergency food and water supplies recommended by civil authority are indistinguishable from the traditional pantry stocks of the Latter Day Saints and my grandmother's very own metal cupboard. The rule of thumb is to buy what you eat and eat what you buy.

The ten essentials save energy. The pantry buys time when dinner looms and enthusiasm for cooking does not. Raiding the tuna and canned peaches now and then simply rotates stock.    -30-
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cooking By The Calendar

Local tribes held a ceremony every autumn to celebrate the first salmon to return to fresh water to spawn. The practice ensures that salmon continue to feel welcome.

A community of local hunters gathers every spring for a "beast feast" potluck to empty their freezers of game while it is still good to eat.    -30-
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