Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Air Sofa

The padded furniture in the house is perfectly serviceable, but some years' experimentation has proven the value of field mattresses as a sleeping surface on the frame of a conventional couch.

I held on to the ancestral three-seater's steel-spring cushions, but a newer, lesser piece was ripe for changes. I threw out the foam cushions with their poly floral covering and simply laid on a deluxe self-inflating car camping mattress from The Great Big Hiking Co-op. The mattress was modular with the couch.

The piece is now lighter and ready to do triple duty as a sleeping surface and reserve piece of field gear. I could have upholstered it with hot glue and any yardage, but I chose to toss a couple of queen-sized quilted  bedspreads from The Great Big Northern European Home Furnishings Chain over the frame and fold an Oregon Rodeo blanket around the pad. The visuals fit the casual room they serve, and the blanket is heaven to snuggle on during the rainy months.

Secure a loose cover by rolling newspaper tightly and tucking it into the edges of the underseat. Finish by adding Magical Nylon Sliders to the feet. The sliders act like wheels -30-
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Easy Feast

I grilled carrots and onions separately in a basket in a very hot convection oven, spraying them with baking spray and grinding generous amounts of black pepper over them. I shook the basket frequently to ensure even browning.

A home-grown Yukon potato volunteer treated the same way turned out to be the tastiest fry I ever ate. There was little left over from my feeding frenzy.

The grilled roots were planned to keep on hand to use for improvising meals. They proved to be good back-up for a couple of pork chops that were lightly breaded and pan-broiled in an excess of canola oil. When I pulled the chops out of the frying pan, I tossed in the leftover roots to heat them up. The pan juices and extra heat added a layer of complex flavor and caramelization to the roasted roots that made a delicious main dish with next to no effort  -30- More after the jump.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Fly through housekeeping by housekeeping on the fly. Close out a room when you finish a task. Put every artifact in its next destination or at least set it closer to its destination. Take a moment to look around and see that things are in order, and you can forget about the space and move on to the next enterprise. Do the same with a digital desktop.

This approach integrates with David Allen's Getting Things Done, that lays out ways to turn paper management into familiar housekeeping procedures -30-
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