Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Get Out And Get Under

I don't hesitate to hack a low-tech situation, but high tech is usually daunting. Recently I learned that a thermostat that fails to get a response when it is turned past the clicking point indicates an empty fuel tank. Many electronic malfunctions can be remedied by plugging in the device.

I use a luxury self-inflating camper's air pad to cushion the seat of a sofa and fit it ideal for napping. Ideal napping has been leaving unmanageable lumps under the Northwest Blanket that passes for upholstery. It was time to do something about the pad, and I was not quite ready to spring for a shorter one that would not buckle. I peeled off the covering, unzipped the pad case, and realized that trimming six inches off the top layer of memory foam would not impair the pad's field qualities. Trim accomplished, I could zip the case closed, tuck a softly inflated end into the join between seat and arm, and acquire a manageable improvised upholstered seat for five minutes' effort -30-

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