Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It Ain't All Hardship

One of the joys of integrating the ten essentials of field survival (see The Great Big Hiking Co-op website) into daily life comes from realizing that high-end clothing marketed to winter wardrobes is the most efficient at conserving heat. Velvet, for example, is fake fur with a very low nap. Even synthetic velvet is comfortably warm, and, in Seattle's climate, a four-season fabric.

At the moment, the mid-range designer who markets simply cut co-ordinated clothing out of a shop across from Seattle's own Great Big Northern European Clothing Chain has two trouser designs on sale that are well-suited both to urban dress and emergency evacuation. One is merino wool and the other silk satin. The prices are comparable to field wear and the range of use far broader -30-

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