Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When Pajamas Are Dress For Success

Support working at home with consciously considered storage. I account it as a labor cost. I like to minimize the number of physical variables I have to contend with. To that end, the following systems have proved irreplaceable.

Legally acquired commercial grade dairy crates are in-boxes for everything. "Metropolitan" epoxy-coated wire storage shelving is versatile, compact, and self-cleaning. It is modular with museum-quality storage boxes and dairy crates. Use the heavy-duty castors that double the cost of the unit. Account them as cost of space and labor.

Ordinary aluminum-shaded clamp-on shop lights with Bakelite sockets support the pricey halogen light bulbs that transform any space into a supportive shop or studio.

Invest in a HEPA air filter and nylon entry matting to slash housecleaning. Remove street shoes at the door to isolate 97% of the dust that would otherwise be tracked through the interior.

Top it all off with the most recent edition of Getting Things Done, and you're good to go -30-

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