Tuesday, February 28, 2017


When I moved onto this property in 1980, there were relatively fresh stumps from the removal of the original 1890 landscaping, much of which had been planted far too close to the house. Around 1991, a 1926 hemlock had to go. Within the last several years nearly all of the major shrubs and trees have been logged to protect the house, remedy changes in solar exposure, and simplify maintenance.

Despite growing up where conifers are a crop, I never imagined witnessing the life span of an evergreen or contributing to its demise. Interestingly, of the original plants that remain on the property, it is the minor volunteers that persist. A small poppy will not quit. Neither will feverfew, campion, thrift, foxglove, or baby tears, despite my preference for native plants. I won't work very hard at eradicating every one of the heirloom posies that remain -30-

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